How to Create Your Lock

Creating a token lock

On the BabyDogeSwap home page click on ... a drop-down will show 5 options: VOTING, TOKEN LOCK, BUY WITH FIAT, DOCS AND GUIDES and ABOUT US. Click on Token Lock.

This will take you to a screen where you will see an ALL LOCKS tab, a MY LOCKS tab and a CREATE LOCK button.


  2. Insert Token or LP Token Address on the field

  3. Enter the amount

  4. Define the LOCK UNTIL period

  5. Please read carefully: Please exclude Babylock's lockup address 0x4C8BC2c90B6831d18319ABBd7b63E3d6bBA7bb3E from fees, rewards, max tx amount to start locking tokens. We don't support rebase tokens.

  6. Click approve. The button will say Pending.

  7. Confirm transaction on your wallet.

  8. Once approved, you will receive a confirmation on the top right side of the screen.

  9. Carefully review the details of your lock and if everything looks correct, click LOCK Button.

  10. Confirm your lock on your wallet

  11. If successful you will be directed to your LOCK page, where you can now Edit your Token Lock