Token Swaps V2

Token swaps on BabyDogeSwap are a simple way to swap one BEP-20 token for another via automated liquidity pools.

BabyDogeSwap utilizes a custom engineered routing solution to offer its users some of the best prices available on-chain by leveraging other prominent exchange's liquidity sources.

BabyDoge Router, Deflationary Router (Smart Router), and Bonus Router.

Lets quickly cover the important details and difference between each router:

  • BabyDoge Router - Our bread and butter, the first AMM with lowered fees for holders. Down to 0%! See token holding requirements below.

  • Deflationary Router (Smart Router) - The "Smart Router" seen in the UI is representative of our deflationary router. This means the trade is being facilitated through another exchange's liquidity. A portion of this swap will be burned, contributing to the traded token's deflationary rate.

  • Bonus Router - As a rare treat, estimated 5% of swaps, trades are upgraded to the bonus router. This means the trade has qualified for an automatic arbitrage opportunity, supplied by Wallchain, the trade routing is automatically upgraded to be moved across different liquidity sources to capture the arbitrage. Note that BONUS swaps have an increased gas cost and are difficult to estimate consistently due to the complex nature of the transaction.

  • Portal Router - for taxed tokens. This router is selected when wallet have a discount for selected OUT token in Burn Portal contract.

When you make a token swap (trade) on the exchange's BabyDoge Router you will pay a 0.3% swap fee, which is broken down as follows:

0.2% - Returned to Liquidity Pools in the form of a fee reward for liquidity providers.

0.1% - Sent to the BabyDogeSwap Treasury.

Hold BabyDoge Coin and pay Lower Fees

Held AmountDiscount

10 Billion BDC


100 Billion BDC


500 Billion BDC


1 Trillion BDC


10 Trillion BDC


100 Trillion BDC


When you make a token swap (token IN -> ... -> token OUT) through the Deflationary Router (Smart Router), the fee details are as follows.

  • If both token IN and OUT are whitelisted - treasury collects 0.5% of token IN

  • If only token OUT is whitelisted - burn 0.25% of token IN and:

    • If there's a path to WBNB available - swaps 0.25% to WBNB and transfers to treasury

    • If there's NO path to WBNB available - swaps 0.25% to token IN and sends to treasury

  • If only token IN is whitelisted - treasury collects 0.25% of token IN, while 0.25% of token IN are swapped to token OUT and burned

  • In the case that neither IN or OUT tokens are whitelisted

    • If there's a path to WBNB available - burn 0.25% token OUT and treasury swaps 0.25% to WBNB

    • If there's NO path to WBNB available - burn 0.25% token OUT and 0.25% token IN

When you make a token swap through the Bonus Router, the fee details are as follows.

Normal exchange fee applied, if this is a trade based the BabyDoge Router or the Deflationary Router (Smart Router). Wallchain also collects a small share of the total arbitrage.

60% of total arbitrage is reserved for you, the user.

40% of total arbitrage is collected for the BabyDoge treasury.