History and Minting

This page lets us see information about our images and even mint our favorites as NFTs!

This page contains information about each generation of images such as the settings used to create them, as well as a process on how to mint your favorites!

Clicking on an image or generation of images will bring up information about them. There are "share" and "download" options on the preview image in the upper right so you can show everyone what you've made.

How to mint

  1. Select the generation you want to mint from, bringing up the screen as show above

  2. Select the image(s) to mint on the carousel below the preview image

  3. Approve the amount to spend on the minting process with either BabyDoge, BNB, or USDT. Prices are listed by each payment option.

  4. Run the transaction to mint the image(s)

After minting, you can share your new NFT to social media, download a copy, and/or view it on OpenSea.

Lets check out our collection in the gallery.