How Zaps Work

How Zaps Work

If you do not have LP tokens you can zap bnb or other tokens for them.

How do Zaps work?

You deposit BNB (or USDT/BUSD) and the zap will automatically swap the BNB (or USDT/BUSD) for the required liquidity pool tokens in that farm. Then the smart contract will add them as a liquidity and deposit them into the farm contract. A link to view each contract can be found on the farm.

For example farm is stake USDT/BUSD. Earn Baby Doge

You deposit BNB the contract will swap the BNB for 50% USDT 50% BUSD. Then it will provide these 2 tokens as liquidity and create a Liquidity pool (LP) token. Then the zap will deposit these LP tokens into a farm earning you rewards!