How to join in Pools

It's simpler then farming with BabyDogeSwaps Yield Farms, because unlike the Farms, you only need to stake one token to be rewarded with another token

Getting started with Pool staking

1. Go to the Farms/Pools page here.

2. Connect to your Binance Smart Chain-compatible wallet by clicking the Connect button (top right-hand side).

3. Click on the toggle POOLS/FARMS until it is on Pools Position.

4. Choose which Pool you want to stake in. Click on the DETAILS dropdown.

5. You will be able to ENABLE the pool by clicking on the ENABLE button. This will prompt your wallet to trigger a confirmation notice. Go ahead and confirm. A confirmation notice will appear on the top right of your screen.

6. The Enable button should now be replaced with Deposit. Click the button to bring up the deposit pop up.

7. Type in an amount or slide the bar to choose how much BabyDoge (or other token) you want to deposit into the pool. If you don't have any BabyDoge, below the CONFIRM the Button is an option to buy BabyDoge.

8. Click Confirm. Your wallet will ask you to confirm the action.

9. The Confirm button will change to** "**Confirming", then once the transaction is successful, you will be prompted a success message on the top right corner of your screen. Your deposited amount will display under Total Staked.

10. You should now be able to see details on your Pool. The pools in which you are staked/deposited will show a Harvest button to claim your staking rewards directly into your wallet.

Adding and removing BabyDoge/Tokens from a pool

You can easily add more BabyDoge (or other tokens) to a Pool, or move BabyDoge to another pool. Here’s how you can move/remove your staked BabyDoge (or other tokens).

1. Click the - (withdraw) button to take BabyDoge out of a pool, or the + (deposit) to add more tokens to the pool.

2. A window will open. If you clicked the + deposit button, choose the amount you would like to add to the pool. If you clicked the - withdraw, choose the amount to remove from the pool.

3. Click Confirm. Confirm the action on your wallet once ready and a success notice will display on the top right screen.

4. After the confirmation process, you'll be able to see your new amount of staked tokens.

Collecting your Pool rewards

Participating in Pools will bring you BabyDoge or other token rewards over time. You can collect these rewards and use them to get more Tokens, LP Tokens, stake them in Pools, Farms, or anything else you’d like.

Returning to your Pool to Harvest

You can harvest your Farm and Pool rewards together from the Home page. If you'd like to collect your farming rewards only, follow along.

To collect your rewards, you’ll need to visit your chosen Farms/Pools and collect the BabyDoge waiting for you.

  1. Return to the Farms/Pool page under EARN.

  2. Find the Farm/Pool you staked your Tokens in, and click the drop-down DETAILS button. You should see an estimate of your rewards under “Tokens earned”.

  3. Click the Harvest button and confirm the action in your wallet. After a short wait, the BabyDoge (or other token) will be claimed to your wallet for you to use as you like.

How often should I harvest my rewards?

How often you harvest your rewards is up to you, but it does help to remember that there is a small fee involved in harvesting.

You can see this fee in your wallet when confirming after clicking Harvest.

This shows the fee for harvesting as it appears in the MetaMask wallet. Different wallets will show the information a little differently. Consider leaving your rewards to grow for a while so you pay fees less often.

And that's all there is to it! You may also want to look at how to use BabyDogeSwap Pools to earn rewards.